2024 Spring Tryouts have concluded and the Men’s first team has been registered to compete in the Colorado Premier League this Spring. If you are looking to stay involved with Mamba FC through trainings, other leagues or interested in becoming part of the Club as a coach fill out the form below as reach out to us at

Mamba FC Women

What was a 5 year goal for the club has become a reality! The women’s squad has officially registered to compete in the Colorado Premier League this Spring. If you are looking to get involved with the Mamba FC Women, fill out the form below and reach out to us at

About Us

Our Club

Who We Are

Birthed here in Denver, CO in 2021 Mamba FC is a group of genuine men & women who love the game of futbol and want to continue to elevate the game in the local amatuer soccer scene by competing at the highest level in the Denver Metro area.

The core group of Mamba FC are Colorado born-and-raised who, over the years, have won plenty of recreational/competitive leagues around the city. After a couple entries in local summer tournaments, we realized it’s time to compete at the highest level, we have to become a consistent club and play with the best, year round. With that – we created the club – simply wanting more and demanding more. With this, we adopted a Kobe-like attitude (RIP) and created what you now know as Mamba FC. 

Our Culture

Our team culture is a brotherhood and as of 3/1, a sisterhood as well, we are a group who all want to compete together at a high level and put our best out there and we do it for each other. Soccer is what we all enjoy, and it’s where we come to find peace.

As a club, we want to bring people together and create meaningful connections that will last a lifetime inside the team and with our community. We want this club to be something that our families remember us for, and something we can pass down for generations to come so others can experience the same joy we do when we take the field

Our Vision

Since our inaugural season in 2021, we have expanded the club to create a 2nd team, Mamba Legend. Mamba Legends are a Mens Over 30 squad that currently plays in the Elite Division of the Colorado Premier League.

As the goal of Mamba FC is to create connections internally and with our community, we see this club as an all-encompassing soccer club, we now have two men’s teams and a women’s team. 10 years down the road, we’d like to expand to youth soccer to make it affordable within the united states and still be able to compete. Too many stories of kids growing up that did not get to showcase their talents due to an unreasonable financial cost. Along the way, we will look to maintain and inspire the “Mamba Mentality” working everyday to become the best version of oneself and working to become better, on and off the pitch.

2023 Season Recap

Mamba FC, our Premier side, had another season of great growth and took off on a hot streak, starting with 3 wins in a row, then ran into some tough adversity against a tough side in Colorado Rovers. Redeemed themselves with a win over AC Legends and then a loss to Harpos FC, followed by another loss to good side in FC Denver, but ended the regular season on a high note, taking a tie in what was a very close game until the last minute against winners of the league, Azteca FC 5280. Mamba FC has made it further than any other season getting to first round of the playoffs. It was a long cold match against FC Denver and they pulled out a goal in the last part of the match and took the wind of us and finished beating us 3-0. Overall, there was significant growth in both Spring and Fall of 2023 and we look to build on this in 2024 and get further down the road in the playoffs.

Mamba Legends, our Elite side, had an truly remarkable season, getting wins against household names in the CPL, Rovers, FC Denver Masters and Golden Strikers. This put Legends at 4-3 to finish the regular season and put them into the playoffs with some very good chemistry and team wins under their belt. Legends met long time winners Harpos OG in the first round of the playoffs, and had a really great performance, taking the former champs to overtime and a very late goal was the factor, putting Legends on the losing side of the 3-2 score. Legends quickly made a name for themselves in the Elite Division in the Colorado Premier League and will also look to build on performances this year.

All in all, Mamba FC as a club has only been around for a few years and we are continuing to grow every year. Thank you to all of our players, coaches, and fans for the support and embracing the “Mamba Mentality” to get us where we want to go

Be a Part of Mamba FC

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Our Sponsors

Sponsors of Mamba FC

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For everything purchased through Squared Limited [SQDLTD] and our Mamba FC Line, 10% will come back to Mamba FC to help support our club in effort to grow

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Be a Sponsor

Looking to be a sponsor or Partner?

Partnering or Donating to Mamba FC as a sponsor will not only help us run our club effectively, it will help us to drive connections with our fast growing Mamba FC community and your business. As part of our sponsorship agreements we work to make a positive impact and create a lasting connection with you and your business. We understand all business needs are unique so we want to develop an agreement that ensures wants and needs are met.

Sponsorship TiersLogo locationTier Agreements
Tier 1 – Pricing upon requestCompany logo on front of primary UniformsCustomized Sponsor guaranteed ROI agreement
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Fan Gear

Looking for Mamba FC Gear?


It’s finally here. The SQDLTDxMAMBA FC Collection for the 23-24 Season. Bringing back some classics mixed in with a refreshed core. This collection is the official line for Mamba Football Club, who play in the CPL – Premier Division. Follow this Denver-based club as they follow the Mamba Mentality. Squared Limited [SQDLTD]


Mamba FC Fixtures for Spring 2024 Season

Mamba FCLocationTimeResultMamba LegendsLocationTimeResultMamba FC WomenLocationTimeResult
3/24vs Golden Strikers Victoria Sports Park 3pmW
vs Brighton FCBroomfield Commons Blue 41pmL
vs Harpos FCBroomfield Commons Blue 33pmT
4/7vs Colorado RoversVictoria Sports Park 3pmL 1-2vs Colorado Rovers EliteBroomfield Commons Blue 411amL 1-3vs Harpos PinkBroomfield Commons Blue 31pmT 1-1
4/14vs Boulder UnitedVictoria Sports Park3pmPostponedvs CO Rapids AmateurVictoria Sports Park9amL 1-2vs FC Denver PremierBroomfield Commons Blue 33pmW
4/21vs FC DenverVictoria Sports Park3pmPostponedvs Colorado Rovers OGBroomfield Commons Y69amT 3-3vs Timbers FCBroomfield Commons Blue 33pmPostponed
4/28vs AC LegendsBroomfield Commons Y61pmL 1-3vs FC United in DenverVictoria Sports Park9amL 0-3BYE
5/5vs Boulder United Broomfield Commons Y63pmW 4-2vs Denver MastersVictoria Sports Park9amL 4-5vs Colorado IgniteBroomfield Commons Blue 311amW 1-0
5/8vs FC DenverLong Lake Park Turf D7pmL 1-4
5/11vs Timbers FCBroomfield Commons Blue 36pmW 2-1
5/19vs Harpos FCBroomfield Commons Y61pmL 0-1vs Victoria KickersBroomfield Commons Blue 411amT 2-2vs FC Denver SelectBroomfield Commons Blue 311amPostponed
6/2vs Azteca 5280Broomfield Commons Y611amPostponedvs FC Denver SelectBroomfield Commons Blue 33pmW 6-1
6/9vs Colorado FCBroomfield Commons Y63pmT 2-2PLAYOFFS
vs Harpos FC
Broomfield Commons Yellow 65pmL 2-3 (2 OT)

Mamba Staff

Meet the people behind mamba FC


Isaiah (Zay) Selfe

Social Media

Zak Slavik


Nic Davison


Martin Perez

Mamba Womens Captain

Kaylee Clarizio

Mamba Womens Captain

Nicole Lyubenko

Mamba Womens Captain

Maggie Ault

Mamba Council

Jess Roberts

Mamba FC Coach

Mamba Women’s Coach

Mamba Legends Captain

Adam Schell


Mamba FC Roster

Hamza KhressatWinger7
Jose MejiaWinger28
Alejandro RuizWinger
Jon CavinessWinger/Striker3
Zach CorcoranWinger/Striker13
Dave St JusteStriker10
Zak SlavikStriker/Center Midfielder12
Kenny ClarizioStriker11
Edgar EnriquezStriker30
Matt MarchenaStriker
Jonny SawyerCenter Midfielder9
Matt BrennanCenter Midfielder
John LeeCenter Midfielder
Luke CangillaCenter Midfielder
Antonio CalizCenter Midfielder17
Howie SamuelCenter Midfielder26
Greg WilliamsDefender2
Alex HustonDefender21
Ben JepsonDefender5
Martin PerezDefender4
Isaiah Selfe (Zay) (C)Defender15
Michael DurrDefender16
Kevin SantanaGoal Keeper1
Deshaun BranchGoal Keeper1

Mamba Legends Roster

Name PositionNumber
Ross SchatzGoal Keeper1
Chris NooneyDefender2
Brian BlairDefender/Midfielder3
Chris ZamoraDefender6
Adam Schell (C)Midfielder/Striker7
David KeyCenter Midfielder9
David SmithCenter Midfielder/Striker10
David PetersonDefender11
Joe PetersonStriker16
Jake TiernanStriker18
Andrew DuvallMidfielder20
Brody WescottDefender21
Bill HaasDefender22
Chris JonesDefender23
Tri Thang DoungMidfielder24
Robert OttoMidfielder27
Andrew SalazarWinger/Center Midfielder13
Nic DavisonCenter Midfielder21
Danny VDefender/Midfielder5
Luke ZeigerDefender20

Mamba Womens Roster

Name PositionNumber
Alice HamelGoal Keeper1
Ashley NagyStriker5
Aubrey GessnerCenter Midfielder6
Boston ConnerWinger21
Nicole Lyubenko (C)Center Midfielder23
Emery DillonWinger12
Enra AguileraStriker11
Jess Roberts Defender13
Kaitlyn JohnsonCenter Midfielder/Winger19
Kaylee Clarizio (C)Defender14
Kelly McShaneWinger4
Kelsey VogelCenter Midfielder15
Kira SteinkeDefender17
Krista CiracoWinger16
Lauren McNeeseCenter Midfielder8
Layla CarreroCenter Midfielder9
Lexi MillerStriker10
Maggie Ault (C)Center Midfielder7
Nikki Thompson Defender3
Ray BrownDefender20
Shannon KelleyWinger2
Toni TsamasfyrosCenter Midfielder24

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